Apartments for Rent in Westchester, NY – The Rental Process

Westchester is a county in the State of New York. Westchester County is a convenient suburb of New York City and one of the most sought after areas for young professionals to live and raise a family. There is an abundance of great schools, parks, medical facilities, and entertainment to suit a wide variety of tastes. If you’re planning to move to Westchester, it can be a great decision as the county offers a lot of things to its residents.

When it comes to shifting to Westchester County, the first and foremost thing is to find an apartment for rent. As you know, there are several apartments for rent in Westchester, NY and selecting one can be intimidating. In this post, we will talk about the rental process in Westchester, NY to make your apartment hunt easier. So let’s take a closer look.

The Rental Process in Westchester, New York

The rental process and market of renting a property in Westchester and nearby locations can be a little different as compared to other locales. Here’s some basic info to offer you an idea of what to expect.


If we talk about Westchester’s Apartments for rent, the county has some complexes that are particularly rental-only complexes. Most of them are situated in the urban areas of Westchester, including White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, and others.

Apart from these rental complexes, rental apartments can be found in co-op apartments, condominium properties, single-family homes, and multi-family homes all across the county. Each property has its own characteristics and delivers different benefits.

Rental Costs

Rents may vary greatly based on property type, location, apartment size, lease term, and other offered amenities. Also, rents in Westchester County increase a small percentage every year due to limited availability and high demand.

The Rental Process

In Westchester, some rental properties are listed in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and the info is available to all real estate agents. Whereas, others are proprietary listings provided through a particular real estate brokerage/broker, a managing agent, or landlords directly.

As there’s no one single database for all rental properties, it becomes essential to hire a real estate agent who is familiar with all rental apartments and can assist you in identifying the best suitable rental apartment in Westchester. Alternatively, a great source of rental listings is Zillow, Trulia, and Hot Pads as many Westchester Landlords advertise on these listing services.

Fees of the Broker

In some cases, brokerage for rentals is paid by the landlords, in some cases by the tenants, or in some by both. The fee of the broker is negotiable and variable. You can talk to your agent openly, discuss your budget and expectations, and let him do his job. Also, make sure you understand all your obligations and choices under any rental agreement you come to.


Hopefully, this post will make your apartment hunt a little easier when going through multiple apartments for rent in Westchester, NY. Besides, if you want all the convenience and comfort while apartment hunting in the county, you should consult The Lombardi.

The Lombardi Westchester apartments for rent provide you with everything you’d expect for a comfortable and safe apartment residence. If you’re really searching for an apartment in Westchester, you should contact our team at The Lombardi. To find out more, consider browsing our site.

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