Everything You Need to Know About Pet-Friendly Apartments For Rent

Pet friendly apartment for rent

If you own a four-legged friend then you must be in search of an apartment where you can stay with it comfortably. However, one thing you should be clear; not all rental apartments will allow you to do so. Therefore, you should look for pet-friendly apartments for rent where you can live with your furry friend. At the Lombardi, we offer a range of rental apartment that is pet-friendly. In this post, we have put together all the aspects you need to know when looking for a pet-friendly apartments for rent.

Narrow your search

Whether you are looking for places on your own or working with an agent, make sure you and your pet’s needs will be met. Remember, not only you, but your pet will be living there. If you are moving across the country with your pet, ensure to look for the best options in the area.

Get recommendations

Believe it or not, recommendations are very powerful, especially when you get them from reliable people. When your friends or acquaintances give you recommendations, it is because they know where you could find a pet-friendly apartment. You can also search the Internet to find a list of companies that offer pet-friendly apartments for rent in NYC.

Be prepared with all the documents

Make sure you have all your pet’s documents like vaccination records, obedience training, and documents that vouch for your dog’s behaviour.

Plan time for the search

Finding a rental apartment with a pet is not as easy as it seems. So, make sure you have time to search for the apartment. We recommend you give yourself at least one month. Giving yourself sufficient time will ensure you increase your probability of finding the perfect place for you and your pet without breaking the bank.

Be Flexible

Renting a pet-friendly apartment may require some flexibility on your end. So, make sure you are prepared to pay an extra pet deposit and additional monthly rent for keeping your pet in the apartment. You should follow the pet guidelines issued by your landlord to make your stay pleasant for everyone.

Make a pet resume

Pet documentation can create a unique impression of your pet for the landlord and his or her property manager. So, make sure you have created a pet resume which includes certifications, size, breed information, pictures, medical care etc.

Read your documents and lease carefully

Regardless from whom you are renting, ensure that your apartment lease has the clause that your pet is permitted to live with you in the apartment. Make sure the weight and the breed of your pet are approved and specified in the lease.

Wrapping up the post

When looking for pet-friendly apartments NYC, make sure you have accomplished all the above formalities and documentation that will enable you to live with your beloved pet.

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