How to Find an Apartment in Queens New York?


Searching for an apartment is not a cake walk when you are new in the city. You may find some of the best ones but with higher prices which may affect your budget. Living in Queens New York is a dream for many and it is also close to New York City. Finding Apartments for Rent in Queens New York is not as difficult as it seems. Below are the few ways that can help you in searching for the right apartment:


Check out your affordability- Before you start exploring the apartments for yourselves, do check that the apartment rent should not exceed more than 30% of your monthly income. Renting an apartment above your income threshold can get you in financial trouble and will limit your ability to save money. Create your budget in a spreadsheet with details about your monthly expenses. It will help you manage things easily.



Find a moderately priced rental apartment- How about saving a little more money and getting your perfect rental apartment? Both things are crucial. Everything you can do to find the right place at the best rental rate is outlined below:


1. Look outside the New York City Area. Living in the city can cost you a lot but how about saving a few more bucks and living near your favorite city? It’s always an affordable option to think about.. Check out the suburb apartments with convenient commute times to New York City. New Rochelle is a great community with plenty of new affordable apartments within a 25-minute commute of New York City.


2. Find a Roommate- Search for a roommate, this can make your rental costs low in comparison with the single person living. It can make your rent half the price. All you need is a landlord permission to live in the apartment and get a written agreement with your roommate about rent.


3. Restrict yourself- Paying less for a small space is a part of saving monthly rent too, limit yourself from staying in the bigger apartments so that you can cut the rental costs.


Get Rental Insurance- Rental insurance can help you save a lot of money too. In rental apartments, when there is some occurrence of damage to the rental room, then rental insurance can recover the loss. The landlord will be responsible for the whole building but the tenant will be responsible for what’s inside the apartment. You can get rental insurance at about $500 per year.


Start Hunting- It’s always best to search for an apartment at least 3 months before you shift to a new rental apartment. Never leave the apartment hunting for the last few days.


Collect your down payment- Many landlords require the down payment, which includes the first and last month rent, with security fees. So if you have fewer savings then think twice on this matter as it can cost you a little more bucks on your pocket. Gather your down payment Asap before shifting to a new rental apartment.


Prepare your documents- Getting yourself ready with the legal documents can help you a lot in buying a rental apartment. You need to do your credit check and some extra documentation as well. Gather papers like a letter of employment, tax returns, reference letter.


Talk with Tenants- A chit chat with tenants living in a rental building can tell you a lot about the behavior of the landlord and the facilities available in the apartment. This can help you clear your doubts about safety issues as well.


Renting can take time and effort, but in the end, you will be very satisfied with what you have found for yourself. Using the above rules can help you in finding the right rental apartment. Many websites are available online to help you find a rental apartment and one such website is


The Lombardi is also a pet-friendly community, similar to Pet-Friendly Apartments in Queens NY. Up to two pets are allowed in the apartment with $350 per pet security deposit. Checkout out their website to know more at

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