How to Identify and Avoid New Rochelle Apartment Rental Scams

When you are looking for New Rochelle apartments for rent, you might stumble upon some listings, which makes you wonder whether it’s true or not. So how do you prevent yourself from falling into the trap of a rental scam?

In this post, you will learn everything about how to identify and avoid rental apartment scams, which occur pretty often. When you are done reading the post, you will have a better understanding of listings that are not genuine and how to avoid them. 

How to Identify an Apartment Rental Scam

Before knowing how to avoid rental scams, it’s crucial for you to spot them immediately, which means you need to watch out for indicators and signs that do not seem genuine. Here are a few signs to figure out whether it’s a rental scam or not. 

  1. There is No Lease Agreement to Sign

Signing a lease agreement is one of the first things you do when renting a new apartment. The lease agreement contains plenty of information, including terms and conditions set by the landlord and what you can do when a certain situation arises. 

Moreover, a lease agreement holds more importance to the landlord than the tenant. Hence, if the landlord does not ask you to sign the lease, you must reconsider the offer as it’s a major warning sign.  

  1. The Landlord Seems Too Eager to Rent the Apartment  

Today, landlords are very strict when it comes to evaluating prospective tenants for the apartment. They will do a proper credit and background check, just to ensure that they get an ideal tenant for the apartment.  

However, before leasing the Rochelle Place Apartments, if the landlord does not seem to care about knowing who you are, be very careful as it could be a rental fraud. 

  1. The Landlord Asks you to Send Rent Money Before You Even Meet Them

This one is definitely a warning signal.  At a certain point, landlords do ask for money upfront. But, it usually happens after you have seen the apartment, met the landlord and agreed to fill out the lease documents.  

Clearly, you should avoid such situations where the landlord asks you to pay the rent before you have even seen the apartment. So make sure that first, you see the property and only then confirm whether you are renting it or not. 

How to Avoid Apartment Rental Scams

Now that you know how to identify rental fraud, you can easily avoid it by following the points below:

  • Make sure to meet the manager or landlord before you pay the rent.
  • Urge the landlord to see the apartment first. 
  • Do proper research and ensure that the landlord is genuine and not someone who’s trying to conduct a scam.
  • Insist on signing the lease agreement. 
  • Check the lease properly and make sure that it contains the actual name of the landlord. 
  • Verify properly that application fees, rent amount, and other security deposits are made as per the local legal requirements. 
  • If possible, talk to the previous tenants as they might give you some valuable information about the property or the landlord. 
  • Finally, trust your intuition, if it doesn’t feel right, walk away!

You can be a victim of an apartment rental scam, so always be aware and make sure to check all the information about the apartment thoroughly. This will not only help you to get the best New Rochelle apartments for rent but will also help you to save thousands of dollars.


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