Mount Vernon Apartments for Rent: Tips to Find the Perfect Rental Home in the City

Are you thinking of moving to Mount Vernon, New York? Great! New York (NY) is one of the best destinations to live, work, and visit across the globe. When it comes to moving to Mount Vernon alone or with family, the first thing that comes to mind is – finding an appropriate apartment to rent.
Finding an apartment anywhere in New York City is not that easy. And as the eighth-most populous city in NY, it becomes even more challenging to come up with the perfect place to rent in Mount Vernon while staying within your budget.

There are many Mount Vernon apartments for rent in the city, and choosing the right one is really daunting. If you need practical tips to make the right decision, continue reading.
This blog post is offering helpful tips that you may consider to find an appropriate apartment in Mount Vernon or anywhere else in Westchester County. So let’s get started.

Prioritize Your Needs
First of all, you must know your basic needs by looking at the apartment rental rates of that specific area and your budget. You also need to determine whether you need a studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. You also need to decide whether you want a furnished or unfurnished apartment to rent. Making a list of your priorities before beginning apartment hunting can make your job a lot easier.

Stick to Your Budget
Exceeding your budget is something that usually happens with most people. For instance, when a person tours an apartment within his budget, there is a possibility that he or she may not like it. In such cases, they start searching for apartments beyond their budget. Never do this, have patience, and try to find a place without going over-budget.

Pick a Location
Location is another crucial element when choosing the right apartment. For example, a newly constructed or renovated apartment with plush interiors would not be a great option, unless your work, school and/or medical facilities are within a 30-minute commute of your building.

Hire a Real Estate Agent
If you’re in a hurry and willing to pay some money, you can solicit help from a real estate broker. Recruiting a real estate broker can make things simpler for you. A broker is an individual who acts as a link between the potential tenant and the landlord. A real estate broker or leasing agent ensures both parties are genuine and all legal work is adequately taken care of.

Why Consider The Lombardi?
Visiting The Lombardi to find your next apartment in Mount Vernon can make your job a little easier. The Lombardi not only has some of the best apartments for rent near Mount Vernon but also provides you with the most competitive rates.

If you have a specific budget to spend on your apartment rental, the expert team at The Lombardi will help you find a new home that fits your budget and requirements. Visit The Lombardi today and do not let the perfect Mt. Vernon apartments for rent getaway.

6 Best Qualities Of Luxury Apartment Facilities

Living in a luxury apartment is like a dream come true. It provides you with a luxurious lifestyle, including personal preference, privacy, and convenience. Not only that, but it also offers high-quality facilities that every home needs.

So when you are looking for luxury apartments in Yonkers NY or Manhattan, you should consider the quality of the apartment amenities they provide.

Here are a few high-quality facilities that your ideal luxury apartment needs:

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

When looking for a luxury apartment, you should not only focus on the interiors but also the surroundings. Look for an apartment that has a spacious outdoor where you can get a breath of fresh air, and is perfect for both adults and children.

Remember, living in a luxury home is not just restricted to having great indoors. A luxury apartment should also have a comfortable surrounding area because even though you’ll have access to all the conveniences, your privacy and health might be affected if your locality is not noise-free and clean.

Hence, it’s essential to choose an apartment that is not affected by the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to live in Yonkers or Manhattan apartments, then you should go for gated community apartments as it will offer you exclusivity, privacy, and greenery.

Nowadays, more and more luxury apartment owners are looking for properties that provide an eco-friendly lifestyle and have no adverse impact on the environment.

Modular Kitchen

A luxury apartment should have a modular kitchen that has abundant space, cupboards, and drawers so that you can easily fit all your kitchen appliances. In addition to that, an affluent kitchen contains other luxurious facilities like a pantry, warming drawers, and wine fridges.

Spa Bathroom

Your apartment needs a spacious and beautiful bathroom with a spa so that you get a luxurious experience. A sumptuous bathroom includes a steam room, towel warmers, Jacuzzi, sauna bath, shower jets, and not to forget a massive luxury bathtub where one can escape from all the stresses of life.

Luxurious Master Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time, so it needs to have a large open space with ample seating area and a massive bed. Additionally, your luxury apartment bedroom can have a built-in automation system for light, security, and sound. As the bedroom area is where you rejuvenate and relax, it should have all the comfortable facilities.

Exercise Room

Having an exercise room at home will save you the trouble of going to a gym. So make sure your luxury apartment has a private fitness facility. Also, it is crucial that your exercise room has plenty of space to place equipment. Your private gym room can include television, built-in wireless speakers, or a sauna for relaxing after an intense workout.

Your idea of style and luxury can be very different from others – as we all have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to lifestyle goals. However, having luxurious Yonkers or Manhattan apartments can give you all the comforts, modern facilities, and technologies.

Apartments That Allow Pets: A Guide to Apartment Hunting

When it comes to shifting to a new place with your family, the first thing you do is – finding an apartment. You may consider your furry friend part of the family, but that does not mean your landlord feels the same. No matter where you are moving, finding apartments that allow pets to stay with you inside can be hard. People who get pet-friendly apartments right in the middle of the town without any hurdle are fortunate.


Are you moving to Mamaroneck, New York and need help finding a pet-friendly rental property? In this post, you will find some tips that can help you make your apartment hunt smooth. Let’s get started:


  1. Use Online Tools


In this digital world, whenever it comes to finding information about a new product, everyone prefers to go online to know the product in detail. Why not use online sources to find your next pet-friendly house. There are many online sources like,,,, and others that may help you narrow down your apartment search. Go online and get help from these online portals to find apartments that allow pets.


  1. Be Ready to Pay Extra


Another thing you can do to find an apartment that allows you to have a pet is – always be willing to pay extra. Tell your prospective owner that you are ready to pay him a little extra as a security deposit to cover damages your dog or cat might make to their property. 



  1. Select the Right Location and Property


While finalizing a location or property, do keep the interests of your pet on your mind. As you know you are moving with your pet, ensure the place or apartment you’re picking is comfortable not just to you, but also to your pet. An area that is open and spacious can be an ideal option. Besides, do remember to have a look into the pet policy or rules and discuss them with your landlord openly to avoid any consequences in the future. 


  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent


Last but not least, hiring a real estate agent can be a great option. If you’re looking for an apartment in Mamaroneck, it would be great to get help from a real estate agency to find a property like The Lombardi.  The Lombardi apartments provide European craftsmanship with all the contemporary conveniences and comforts that you expect in a luxury living space and they are a pet-friendly building.


The Lombardi provides a wide assortment of modern and beautiful Mamaroneck apartments for rent to their tenants.  Also, you will get everything from secure car parking to pet security to quality of life in your new apartment.  All you need to do is – contact them, explain your needs, and let them help you find your dream apartment. 




These are some simple tips that can help you find a home of you and your pet’s choice.  Follow these steps carefully, and you will inevitably end up finding a home that suits all your requirements without going over budget. 

4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Apartment in Bronx, NY


Moving into a new apartment is very exciting and challenging at the same time. It could be one of your biggest financial moves to date. Apart from rent, you might have to spend money on a lot of things such as furniture, utilities, and other essential items.

If you are feeling a little daunted about renting a new apartment, then don’t worry. Here we have listed a few mistakes you should avoid when moving into a new place. Whether this is your first move or not, avoiding these mistakes will ensure a smooth transition. Let’s have a look:


1. Renting without seeing the apartment

Looking for a property online may differ from checking it out in person. Photos of the apartment online are often misleading and can leave you disappointed when you see that in reality, it’s not that good. Seeing the apartment that you are about to rent will help you to know some basic things like the size of the unit and whether it’s clean or not. Moreover, it will protect you from being scammed.


2. Underestimating the total cost of the apartment

The total cost of renting an apartment includes more than a monthly rent payment. So, be prepared for that. The first question you need to ask yourself is how much you can spend on housing? When you have an idea, you can compare it with the rental cost for other apartments in your desired area. To get more options, you can research online or go through the classified ads in newspapers. This will help to make the moving process more convenient.

Apart from the first month’s rent, here are a few initial expenses you need to cover when moving into your new apartment:

Security deposit

Fees for your cable and telephone

Deposit for pets

Deposit for electricity and gas

Also, you might need to furnish your apartment and buy some important items like cleaning supplies, bookshelves, lamps, etc. After considering all the expenses, it may cost you a few thousand dollars in the first month of renting an apartment.




3. Not reading the lease carefully

A lease is a legal document between you and your landlord. It states the rules you must follow and each of your rights while living at your new housing facility. You must read the lease carefully to know restrictions, additional fees or penalties, policies about pets, utilities covered, and more. Reading the lease thoroughly and then signing it will ensure that you completely understand your responsibility as a tenant. If you don’t understand certain terms and conditions mentioned in the lease, you can always seek help from your property manager or landlord.


4. Living without renters insurance

Your landlord might have insurance for the property, but that won’t cover up your belongings. So, you need to possess your own renter’s insurance to protect your possessions. The insurance policy will cover up every loss, including fire, theft, and other disasters.


Wrapping Up the Post

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Bronx NY, you’ll be amazed by the variety of options available. To get more information, you can visit The Lombardi at The Lombardi offers various apartment options, including Luxury Apartments NYC for Rent. You can check out our rental listings for your area today!

How to Find an Apartment in Queens New York?


Searching for an apartment is not a cake walk when you are new in the city. You may find some of the best ones but with higher prices which may affect your budget. Living in Queens New York is a dream for many and it is also close to New York City. Finding Apartments for Rent in Queens New York is not as difficult as it seems. Below are the few ways that can help you in searching for the right apartment:


Check out your affordability- Before you start exploring the apartments for yourselves, do check that the apartment rent should not exceed more than 30% of your monthly income. Renting an apartment above your income threshold can get you in financial trouble and will limit your ability to save money. Create your budget in a spreadsheet with details about your monthly expenses. It will help you manage things easily.



Find a moderately priced rental apartment- How about saving a little more money and getting your perfect rental apartment? Both things are crucial. Everything you can do to find the right place at the best rental rate is outlined below:


1. Look outside the New York City Area. Living in the city can cost you a lot but how about saving a few more bucks and living near your favorite city? It’s always an affordable option to think about.. Check out the suburb apartments with convenient commute times to New York City. New Rochelle is a great community with plenty of new affordable apartments within a 25-minute commute of New York City.


2. Find a Roommate- Search for a roommate, this can make your rental costs low in comparison with the single person living. It can make your rent half the price. All you need is a landlord permission to live in the apartment and get a written agreement with your roommate about rent.


3. Restrict yourself- Paying less for a small space is a part of saving monthly rent too, limit yourself from staying in the bigger apartments so that you can cut the rental costs.


Get Rental Insurance- Rental insurance can help you save a lot of money too. In rental apartments, when there is some occurrence of damage to the rental room, then rental insurance can recover the loss. The landlord will be responsible for the whole building but the tenant will be responsible for what’s inside the apartment. You can get rental insurance at about $500 per year.


Start Hunting- It’s always best to search for an apartment at least 3 months before you shift to a new rental apartment. Never leave the apartment hunting for the last few days.


Collect your down payment- Many landlords require the down payment, which includes the first and last month rent, with security fees. So if you have fewer savings then think twice on this matter as it can cost you a little more bucks on your pocket. Gather your down payment Asap before shifting to a new rental apartment.


Prepare your documents- Getting yourself ready with the legal documents can help you a lot in buying a rental apartment. You need to do your credit check and some extra documentation as well. Gather papers like a letter of employment, tax returns, reference letter.


Talk with Tenants- A chit chat with tenants living in a rental building can tell you a lot about the behavior of the landlord and the facilities available in the apartment. This can help you clear your doubts about safety issues as well.


Renting can take time and effort, but in the end, you will be very satisfied with what you have found for yourself. Using the above rules can help you in finding the right rental apartment. Many websites are available online to help you find a rental apartment and one such website is


The Lombardi is also a pet-friendly community, similar to Pet-Friendly Apartments in Queens NY. Up to two pets are allowed in the apartment with $350 per pet security deposit. Checkout out their website to know more at

Moving to New York: Tips to Find a Luxury Apartment in the City

If you are planning to move to New York, you have probably heard that the process of renting a house in the city is not less than a nightmare. Fortunately, there are several ways to make this process a little less protracted, a little less stressful, a little less painful, and even a little cheaper (if you play your cards right).

There are several Apartments Near White Plains, NY and its neighborhoods that include 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments and more. You may rent any of these apartments according to your family needs and convenience. To avoid any mistake, you need to follow some basic rules while looking for an apartment around White Plains. In this post, you’ll find some tips to locate the right rental apartment without breaking the bank.


Tips to Find a Luxury Apartment in White Plains New York


Location, Location, Location

Many White Plains rental apartments provide similar amenities and quality service. However, each apartment has a unique location. When looking for an apartment in this fast-paced city, location is the first thing you need to think about. First of all, you need to know your preferred location, where you want to rent an apartment. There are so many things you need to consider while finalizing a location. Is the location you’re choosing is convenient for you and your family? What about public transportation? List down those locations which meet your specific requirements.


Write Down Your Priorities

Luxury apartments in White Plains, New York deliver a lot of amenities and you may pick several as your preferred choice. If you’re a fitness freak then you should go for apartment buildings with a gym or fitness center. If you love to swim then you should pick an apartment building with an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. If you have your own vehicle then you need to look for an apartment building with enough vehicle parking spaces. By considering these things, you may find an apartment with all the amenities you are looking for in White Plains, New York. It’s essential to choose an apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget.


Visit Apartments to Make a Final Decision

Once you have listed a handful of apartments in White Plains, New York to check out, it’s time to request a visit. It’s hard to walk into a beautiful apartment and not fall in love right away. But, don’t fall in love until you visit all your listed apartments. To make a smart decision, it is essential to put a logical hat on and avoid being swooned. Don’t rush to any decision in a hurry, sit calmly, compare all options, and make a sensible choice by considering all factors in your mind.

Renting an apartment in White Plains, New York is a big investment and it is not something that you want to rush into. Take your time, explore your options, and make a choice that you are actually confident about. Considering the aforementioned tips in your mind can help you find a luxury apartment in New York in a smart way. If you need professional assistance to make your job even more relaxing, you may take help from a real estate agent. In Westchester County, New York, The Lombardi is one of the leading apartment buildings with friendly staff that can help you make your decision.

Use The Lombardi to find your dream apartment in White Plains and its neighborhoods like Mamaroneck at the best available price. Also, if you need some help deciding your budget on your Mamaroneck Apartments for Rent, we can show you a number of options to help you select one that suits your budget and needs. Search an apartment that you have always dreamt of by filtering apartment type, location, size, and price. Reach us today to rent your dream apartment!

Factors That You Must Consider For Renting An Apartment Within A Budget

Finding a rental apartment is not as difficult as finding a good and affordable apartment. How classy is your apartment and how much rent you’ll pay for it totally depends on finding a good deal and your negotiation skills. But, before you negotiate on anything, it’s important for you to decide what kind of apartment you are looking for. Here are a few factors that will help you to find a new Apartment for Rent in New York at affordable rental prices.

Get Help Online to Choose Features

If you have no idea about what features are available in the locality where you want to rent an apartment, then do a research online. You can look for a one or two bedroom apartment and other features online with the help of apartments for rent locator services. Doing web research is a great way to find what your apartment will cost and what kind of area has the features you desire.

Call a Realtor in Your Locality

Get phone numbers of an apartment realtor from online sources. Call at least a few brokers and ask them which communities or rental areas have the best features that you are looking for within your budget. Your broker gets a commission If you choose a property that he or she has recommended, so make sure that your broker keeps you informed and finds out which properties have the best units available.


Apartments for Rent


Call the Leasing Agent Before Visiting the Property

Before you go for an apartment visit, call the leasing agent to receive a quote on prices. It is crucial to call your agent to get the prices so that you can compare it with the figures you received from the real estate agent. This is will give you a basic idea of the budget you are ready to spend on renting an apartment.

Visit the Properties in Person

While there is a possibility that you’ll get a virtual tour on the websites for most of the apartments for rent, it’s always better to visit a property physically. A website can tell you what the property and its interior looks like. Whereas, walking around your potential neighbourhood will give you a better idea of the location. And don’t just restrict your search to one apartment, visit at least two so that you have more options to choose from.

Avoid Renting an Apartment on the Basis of Perceived Value

You get a beautiful apartment under your budget that has an island-shaped kitchen and vaulted ceilings, but the locality may not be exactly what you’re looking for and other desired features are also missing. So, don’t make the wrong choice of renting an apartment on the basis of someone else’s needs and forgetting your own needs.

Revise your Feature List

Before actually beginning the process of finding an apartment, you may have made a list of what features you need in your new apartment including what you are willing to pay for it. Now that you have different apartments to choose from, take a look at the list and see if you need to adjust some things on it. Revise your list according to your requirements before you make final comparisons between the home value and its cost.

Concluding the Post

Once you’ve figured out what kind of apartment you desire and how much it will cost you, it will enable you to make the right decision entirely on the basis of your needs.

If you are looking for Mamaroneck apartments for rent, your search ends here. The Lombardi provides you with various apartments options depending on your budget, location, and convenience.

Apartments That Allow Pets – Questions to Ask Before You Move In

Are you looking for a pet-friendly apartment? It is important to fully understand how pet-friendly an apartment building is. Although there is no shortage of apartments that allow pets in New Rochelle or Westchester County, not all apartments are created equal. Since a pet is a valuable member of your family, before you make the final decision or sign a lease, you must ask the following questions:

Is there any breed restriction?

There are some rent apartments which are more pet-friendly than others. Therefore, your first and most important question must include breed and weight restrictions.

Pet Friendly Apartments

Don’t forget, breed restrictions are not just subject to the whim of management or the apartment community owners but may be dictated by building insurance policies. Before you sign your lease or agreement, its typical to be asked to provide documentation of your pet’s breed, immunization records, and weight. So, if you have a dog which is bigger in size, look for large breed dog-friendly apartments.

What is the monthly pet rent?

Before you move into a new apartment with your pet, create a budget for the monthly pet rent. Most apartments charge additional monthly pet rent. Pet rent may vary according to the size and breed of your pet and typically covers the additional maintenance and upkeep of the building caused by pets.


In New Rochelle, pet rent can range from $25 to $100 per pet, per month. This rent covers any potential damage such as carpet stains, scratched floors, damaged doors and pet-friendly amenities you and your pet will relish.

Is there a pet deposit?

Along with monthly pet rent also keep notes about pet deposit to make an informed decision on which apartment best suits your budget and needs.


There are some apartments that will require a pet deposit before you move-in. The pet deposit may or may not be refundable and is used to fix apartment damage caused by your pet. For instance, if your cat scratches the wall regularly, the cost to repaint the will be deducted from your pet deposit. These deposits can vary depending on the community’s policies. You may have to pay as little as $100 or as much as $500, again depending on the community policies and type/size of your pet.

Any restriction on the number of pets in each apartment?

You must ask it in advance how many pets are allowed in each apartment. Remember pets refer to dogs, cats, birds and even aquariums. From time to time, most apartments perform routine inspections to check the number of pets housed in apartments. So, make sure you know how many pets are allowed before you sign an agreement.

What amenities are offered to pet owners?

The good news is pet-friendly apartments are in high demand. You can view many apartments around New Rochelle and Westchester County that have installed dog parks. Even some dog parks are being built with pet-friendly amenities like pet wash stations.

Some of the amenities you should look in a pet-friendly apartment include:

  • Pet Park
  • Walking Trails for Pets
  • Pet Waste Bag Stations
  • Indoor Washing Station and Pet Spa, etc.


So, don’t forget to ask these questions before you finalize a pet-friendly apartment for you in New Rochelle or Westchester County.

Easy Tips to Find New Rochelle Apartments for Rent

Rochelle Apartment for Rent

As one of the most visited cities across the world, New York City attracts millions of foreigners or expatriates each year, be it for recreation or work. Being an outsider or first-time visitor, it can be difficult to find the right place to look for your basic and necessary amenities in the city. From different problems faced by expatriates, the biggest problem is to find proper accommodation.

Whether you want Rochelle place apartments or Westchester apartment for rent, you can take help from a real estate agency like “The Lombardi” to make apartment hunting process easy and smooth.

There are several basic things you need to keep in mind while finding a rental place. This post is meant to help you with easy tips to find an ideal apartment for rent in NYC or any other place on this planet.

Let’s go through these helpful tips:

1. Search for an Accessible Neighborhood

If you are new in NY, one of the biggest challenges is to find an apartment in an area that is well-connected. As a global city, New York is quite expensive that means accommodation charges will be higher than your expectations. If you want to rent an apartment in the heart of the city, you have to pay a hefty amount. The best solution is to find a balance between affordability and connectivity.

While considering different neighbourhoods in NY, you could possibly find a reasonably-priced apartment in Westchester, White Plains, or New Rochelle.

2. Consider Your Budget

As an expatriate, whether you’re seeking Rochelle place apartments, Westchester apartments for rent, or any other, it is essential to plan out your budget first. Even if you have to expand your budget, do not spend more than 30% of your monthly income. It can help you in assuring that you are left with an adequate amount to spend on your other necessities in an expensive city like NY.

3. Decide Accommodation Type

The NY city offers different accommodation types including apartments, mansions, single-household structures, and more. The type of accommodation you want is closely related to your budget. Just for your information, the older houses and apartments (more than 10 years) usually cost less. The ideal way to find cheaper and older accommodation is to consult a real estate agent.

4. Read the Lease Properly

Another important point is to have an exact idea about the lease period. You should be aware of all the policies of your lease agreement. Read the lease carefully before signing to avoid any trouble later.

These are some basic yet essential tips you need to follow to find an ideal rental apartment in the city within your budget. Finding a rental accommodation is not an issue anymore if you consider these tips.

Why The Lombardi?

Welcome to The Lombardi. Whether you’re looking for your next perfect rental apartment in Westchester, Mount Vernon, White Plains, New Rochelle, or any other area in NYC, you can take help from The Lombardi. We provide you with valuable and extensive knowledge about renting a comfortable apartment to stay in New York.

From our wide range of apartment options, you can choose a perfect rental place depending on your desired location, budget, comfort, and convenience.

The Lombardi offers reasonably priced luxury apartments in areas such as New Rochelle, NY; Westchester, NY; White Plains, NY; and others. You can explore all our apartments to find your dream living space in the city. Our beautiful and high-quality apartments can make you feel at home.

Regardless of your rental apartment priorities, when it comes to finding a luxury apartment, you can rely on The Lombardi!

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Rental Apartment in the Westchester New York

After stepping out of your hometown or home country the first crucial task is to find an apartment of your dreams. Whether you are alone or with a friend, this task is quite challenging. Various constraints should be kept in mind while looking for your dream apartment. Everyone looks for an apartment that matches best with their lifestyle and provides all the modern facilities but finance/budget becomes the biggest constraint. Searching for an apartment in a big and modern city can be daunting. You need to take care of a lot of considerations while searching for an apartment. Here we have compiled a few tips for you. Let’s go through them before hunting for an apartment.

1 Location

The most important thing to keep in mind is the location of your job/business. One should always look for an apartment near his or her work site. This helps you to save precious time and money. Moreover, it takes less time to commute to your work site and dramatically improves your quality of life.

2 Budget Range

While hunting for your dream apartment you have to consider your budget. Often we just look at the major aspects like oceanfront or water views, spacious dining hall, living rooms, beautiful outside window views etc. and tend to overlook our budget. So, rather than looking for more than is required, it is important to look an apartment that suits your needs and budget.

3 Consider Sundry costs

It’s really relevant to consider various other costs involved before signing any deal with the landlord. For instance, Is there any security charges in advance to be paid? Any additional taxes to be paid? What is the mode of payment weekly or monthly? this will help you to plan your budget in a more accurate way.

4 Look for public transportation service

It’s good if you have your own car or two-wheeler to go to your work site but still, It’s good to check for public transportation service in your area. As this not only is helpful in case of an emergency like situation but also helps you a lot in saving your hard earned money. An apartment building like The Lombardi is close to Metro North Railway with direct access to Grand Central Station in New York City.

5 Parking Space and other Facilities

Another point worth considering is whether your new apartment has sufficient parking space for your vehicle or not? What kind of facilities in the apartment you are looking for? Like do they provide washer, dryer, dishwasher etc? Enquire about all these items in advance of getting surprised upon move in.

6 Proximity to important places

Public Places like bus stand, Metro North Trains, Hospital, Market, School or College and Universities are important places to consider. So it’s cost-effective and easy to visit these places if they are situated near to the apartment. So keep this point clearly in mind while hunting for an apartment.

7 Quality matters the most

Although, needless to say, yet the most important point to consider is the quality of the material used in the apartment. Because poor quality material used in an apartment can jeopardize the health and safety of all the concerned.

8 Pet Policy

If you are a pet lover then it’s good to know the pet policy of that community in advance. Whether they allow keeping a pet in the apartment or not?

Concluding the Post

Above discussed are the main points to consider while starting your hunt for a new apartment. So if you are really looking for apartments in Westchester New York, the New Rochelle apartments truly fit the bill. Here you can get apartments at very reasonable price with world class facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Come and book your apartment now at The Lombardi and enjoy living in spacious rooms with all modern facilities.