Questions to Ask while Renting an Apartment

Apartments for Rent in Westchester NY

Looking for a rental apartment? Perhaps, this seems like a small task, but it’s a challenging one. Living temporarily is as important as living permanently. You have to look for an apartment that suits your needs and budget. Before renting an apartment, make sure to ask relevant questions, regarding the surrounding, location and amenities. In this post, we are going to shed light on the type of questions you should ask when seeking one of the best apartments for rent in Westchester NY. Let’s get started…

What is included in the rent?

The topmost concern while renting an apartment is the RENT. Therefore, it is important to know what you are getting in it. Some rents include basic utilities like water gas, cable and Wi-Fi. So, when renting an apartment, make sure you are clear about what you are getting complementary in the monthly rent. This is one of the best consideration that may help you to make a choice.

Are you getting the Parking?

If you own a vehicle, this is another important question you must ask. Is the parking included or you have to pay extra fees for it every month? These are the major questions you should ask. If you have been asked to pay extra for the parking, make sure to look for the options that provide parking within the rent.

What About the Guest Policy?

Ask for the rules like when guests can stay and for how long. This is another important question you have to ask before renting an apartment. Some rental companies have rules that guests can only stay at night for a day or two, while some don’t care for long someone is staying with you. If someone is a frequent visitor, make sure to register their vehicle number so they can easily park their car without any hassle. Remember, knowing the guest policy is very important to ensure that you are not taking some risk against the lease term.

Is the apartment pet-friendly?

This is another important question you should ask as pet policies are different from apartment to apartment. Whether you own a pet or think you would have one in the future, be clear about the pet policies before renting an apartment. Although, you may find many pet-friendly apartments in NYC, but it is important to ask them about their policies. Ask if you need to pay extra monthly cost, and discuss the species, breed and weight of your pet. Many times you will find rentals that ask you to pay a non-refundable pet deposit to cover the potential damage that may happen.

How the Repairs will be handled?

During your rental term, it is quite obvious at times you need some sort of repair. So, it is wise to ask about the repair and maintenance requests and how they will be carried out. It includes everything from repair, maintenance, plumber fees etc.

Is the lease renew automatically?

Ask for the automatic rent renewal policies. Even if you have to sign the lease for a specific period of time, then some rental firms renew it after an initial term automatically. Therefore, before renting an apartment, ask if there is an automatic renewal. If you are not sure that you will stay for a long span of time, then schedule a reminder two months before your lease is ending.

Wrapping the post

When looking to rent an apartment, always make sure to ask a relevant question before moving the head. Remember, changing apartment in a one month or two is a complete waste of money, time and efforts. So, choose wisely!

6 Points You Must Consider while Finding Your Dream Rental Apartment

Finding an ideal apartment is an essential task when you’re stepping out alone or with your friends and family to a new place. Whether it’s your first experience or you’ve gone through this before, finding your dream apartment that suits both your budget and lifestyle is not an easy task. When searching for an apartment, there are a lot of things you need to think about. If you’re searching for the right apartment, this post can be quite helpful. Have a look at these important considerations and keep them in your mind while hunting an apartment.

1. Make a List: The first thing you should do is make a list. In this list, add all your priorities and concerns before starting with the apartment hunt. Use a notebook to list down all the things that should be considered such as the apartment layouts, budget, and the rules. This list can help you in making the right final decision by comparing your priorities while viewing a lot of apartments.

2. Price of the Apartment: While looking for an apartment for rent, one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is “what is your budget?.” Before finalizing an apartment, you need to analyze that “can you afford that apartment?” Do an online research or look at your surroundings to get an idea about the rent. Ensure you have an idea about the market rates before finalizing an apartment and making negotiation in the price.

3. Quality Matters: Never make your decision based on the property photos you see online. You should visit the apartment in person before coming to a specific decision. You need to make sure that cosmetic issues like wall scratches and broken blinds are fixed.

4. Walk Around the Neighborhood: What else you need to consider while searching for a rental apartment? Your neighbourhood is definitely the main thing. Your surrounding influences your lifestyle and behaviour. So before signing a contract, take a look around the neighbourhood to get an idea of the community. Look into the safety records of the area and other rules of the community.

5. Know the Pet Policy: If you have a pet or planning to get one, it is great to know the pet policy of the community you’re going to shift in. Make sure the community is pet-friendly to avoid any kind of hurdle later.

6. Apartment Size: Last but not least, the size of the apartment. Firstly, determine what size of house or apartment you need. The size of the apartment can vary depending on the people. Know your requirements before beginning your apartment search. Once you decide it, start exploring the apartments.

Wrapping up the Post

These are some crucial things you must think about to make the right decision. Are you looking for luxury rentals in white plains in NY? For an easy and convenient experience, it is recommended to take help from the real estate agents. There are several real estate agents in the city who can help you in finding an apartment of your choice. For a reliable experience, you may visit The Lombardi.

No matter, what is your budget and which location is your preference, discuss your priorities with us and let us help you in finding your dream apartment. Choose any area across NYC, have a look at our affordable New Rochelle, Peekskill, and Westchester apartments for rent. We have brought some great rental apartments’ deals that can meet the requirements of all types of tenants. Our apartments provide true value to your money!

Everything You Need to Know About Pet-Friendly Apartments For Rent

Pet friendly apartment for rent

If you own a four-legged friend then you must be in search of an apartment where you can stay with it comfortably. However, one thing you should be clear; not all rental apartments will allow you to do so. Therefore, you should look for pet-friendly apartments for rent where you can live with your furry friend. At the Lombardi, we offer a range of rental apartment that is pet-friendly. In this post, we have put together all the aspects you need to know when looking for a pet-friendly apartments for rent.

Narrow your search

Whether you are looking for places on your own or working with an agent, make sure you and your pet’s needs will be met. Remember, not only you, but your pet will be living there. If you are moving across the country with your pet, ensure to look for the best options in the area.

Get recommendations

Believe it or not, recommendations are very powerful, especially when you get them from reliable people. When your friends or acquaintances give you recommendations, it is because they know where you could find a pet-friendly apartment. You can also search the Internet to find a list of companies that offer pet-friendly apartments for rent in NYC.

Be prepared with all the documents

Make sure you have all your pet’s documents like vaccination records, obedience training, and documents that vouch for your dog’s behaviour.

Plan time for the search

Finding a rental apartment with a pet is not as easy as it seems. So, make sure you have time to search for the apartment. We recommend you give yourself at least one month. Giving yourself sufficient time will ensure you increase your probability of finding the perfect place for you and your pet without breaking the bank.

Be Flexible

Renting a pet-friendly apartment may require some flexibility on your end. So, make sure you are prepared to pay an extra pet deposit and additional monthly rent for keeping your pet in the apartment. You should follow the pet guidelines issued by your landlord to make your stay pleasant for everyone.

Make a pet resume

Pet documentation can create a unique impression of your pet for the landlord and his or her property manager. So, make sure you have created a pet resume which includes certifications, size, breed information, pictures, medical care etc.

Read your documents and lease carefully

Regardless from whom you are renting, ensure that your apartment lease has the clause that your pet is permitted to live with you in the apartment. Make sure the weight and the breed of your pet are approved and specified in the lease.

Wrapping up the post

When looking for pet-friendly apartments NYC, make sure you have accomplished all the above formalities and documentation that will enable you to live with your beloved pet.

Things to Consider when Seeking Apartments for Rent in New Rochelle NY

So you are moving to New Rochelle NY and looking for an apartment for rent? Well, you may get ample choices, but how to choose the right one that is easy on your pocket and comfortable? In this post, we will learn about important things to consider when renting an apartment. Let’s get started…

  • Size: Determine the size of the apartment you are looking to rent. If you are a couple, normally a one-bedroom apartment sill suffice. However, if you are newly married, thinking of starting a family or work from home often, a two-bedroom apartment may be the best option. Choosing the right size apartment can make living easier and allow you to minimize moving around as much.
  • Rental Price: Another thing to consider when searching apartments for rent in New Rochelle NY is the rental price. Of course, going over budget is not a wise move, so you should look for something within your budget. Look at local listing sites and find what are the normal rent prices in the area. Settle on the price range you can afford and don’t forget to consider the cost of gas and other utilities along with your commuter costs to get to work. According to the standard rule, your rental payments should not be more than 30% of your gross monthly salary or income.
  • Location: When selecting a rental apartment you should look for aspects such as the following: Is the location close to a downtown area for groceries, work, school or hospital? Is the location near major transportation hubs, like railroad, major highways, bus stations? What is the location’s walk score? Locations with high walk scores mean you may not even need a car to get around, another major cost savings. The Lombardi has a Walk Score of 91, making it a walker’s paradise and daily errands do not require a car.
  • Parking: This is another important aspect you need to consider when renting an apartment. Whether you own a two-wheeler or a four-wheel vehicle, you should make sure that you have enough parking spaces where you are renting an apartment. Also, don’t forget to ask the number of cars allowed and if there is an extra fee for extra cars.
  • Pet-Friendly: If you have a pet or intend to get one, it’s very important to receive permission or carefully review the landlord’s rules on pets. Some landlords won’t allow pets, but others may ask you to deposit some additional fees and pay an extra monthly rent based on the type of pet you have. The Lombardi is a pet friendly building, and we love our pets.

When looking for apartments for rent, make sure to look around. Make a list of concerns and priorities and then start with the apartment hunt. You can use a notebook to write down the rules, prices and the apartment layouts. It can be a huge help when you view a lot of apartments and want to compare your priorities before making a decision.

Wrapping up the post

Today, you may review all sorts of apartments for rent. From one bedroom to two bedroom apartments, you will be stunned by the choices available. If you are looking for the best apartments in New Rochelle NY, then visit The Lombardi. We have got some great rental apartments that meets the needs of every type of tenant.

Points One Must Consider Before Renting a Luxury Apartment

apartment for rent

What’s the first thing that pops up in your head when you couldn’t make a breakthrough to buy a luxury apartment? Certainly, it is the leasing option you may want to investigate in such case. While you are looking for luxury apartments for rent, there are a couple of other things that you should look into.

The modern amenities that a luxury apartment has to offer are sure to excite and intrigue you. However, there are some important guidelines that a tenant must look for before signing on the dotted line.

Set your budget.

Set your budgetary limitations and see how well you are following the income rule – not to surpass 30 % of your monthly salary. Your focus should be based on this income rule and you must not compromise even if you discovered a better deal in the desired vicinity.

Also, make sure it is worth spending the extra money on the luxury apartment. Apart from that, closely investigate the extra charges not included in your rent for the facilities offered by the Landlord. Many luxury rental buildings in New York charge tenants extra for amenities, even if the tenant does not use them. In addition, check for extra utilities not included in your apartment rent, like electric, heat, water and sewer. Many luxury apartment buildings in Westchester County advertise a certain apartment rent, but when you factor in all these additional fees, you can easily add several hundred dollars per month.

Narrow your search.

For instance, search for 2 bedroom apartments for rent in the Bronx. There are ample amount of apartments in the New York but the hottest and most affordable ones are rare to find. Therefore, it is essential that you narrow down your search.

Your renter portfolio (resume).

Just like you prepare a resume for your job application, your renter’s resume must include all the necessary information including; the previous address with owner’s number, personal references, your income and your credit report.

Make sure your rental resume impresses your landlord and depicts you as a trustworthy tenant. In simple words, you must look good on paper and that you are a trusted citizen with no criminal record.

Don’t forget to inspect the apartment.

This is the most important thing to consider for everyone looking for the luxury apartments for rent. Try not to let the looks of your apartment deceive you. Even though the luxury apartments come with a good maintenance service, it is better if you try to inspect on your own first.

Look for the hidden damages or imperfections and don’t be hesitant to ask for the repair if you discover anything out of repair in your new apartment. It is better to inform the landlord in the beginning than to be blamed later.


Luxury apartments do not come cheap. Although many are worth the extra investment, new renters need to be careful not to overspend. It’s easy to be wowed by new amenities and fancy common areas, but you need to make sure they are of added value to you. If not, you will find yourself paying extra charges every month for facilities you don’t use.

Most Affordable Places in Westchester for Renters

Typically known as one of the highest-taxed counties in America, Westchester does attract renters looking for cheaper places to live. Although New York can be the best choice for the people looking for luxury apartments for rent, the high prices are not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, whether it’s a downsized budget that is driving you toward more affordable rentals or you just want to get out of the city for a while, Westchester is certainly not going to let you down. Here is the handpicked list of the places in the county that you may find attractive.


Ossining’s Old Village section is crowned for one of the best places to live. The rich history of the place and the natural areas that are under redevelopment, are something that you sure want to take a look at.

Where certain homes are sold for much as $1 million, there are several others that may intrigue you with a price as low as $325,000. It’d be a bummer if you couldn’t find a rental apartment between $1,500 to $3,000.

All-in-all, Ossining is a quiet place and a relaxed town. With crime rates lower than the other parts of the country, it is perfect for the singles, retirees, and new families alike. In simple words, it is a perfect combination of both serendipity and serenity.


Yet another – Best Places To Live – pick, Peekskill will certainly sweep you off your feet and make you think, “what more do I want for a reasonable deal!”. Rents are quite reasonable ($1,300 to $2,500) and easy to afford.

The annual income of people around the riverside city is $52,000 therefore, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for you to manage average rents. A recent influx of professionals and young artists made the area popular among the renters and buyers.

Speaking of which, apartments in Westchester NY are high in demand these days for that reason. With New York City and Grand Central Station at under an hour train ride, many locations around Westchester County will peek your curiosity with local businesses and amazing food outlets.

New Rochelle

New Rochelle is easily the best choice for both luxury apartments for rent and house-buying opportunities. While the average house is sold at a little higher price ($645,000) than that of Ossining and Peekskill, it is slightly more developed than these river towns. Also, New Rochelle is one of the closest cities to New York City including Manhattan and the Bronx. It’s a short 10-minute train ride to the Bronx and a convenient 20-minute train ride to Manhattan.

With that being said, an average rent in New Rochelle should cost you anywhere from $1,300 to $4,000. Also, the crime rate is nearly 20% below the national average. Hence, New Rochelle could be the best choice for people looking for a peaceful neighbourhood, modern amenities and close proximity to New York City.


Budgetary restriction is nothing new when it comes to rental apartments and housing in Westchester County. While, you always tend to look for a place that has access to supermarket, banks, hospitals, and schools – if life in New York City looks a little claustrophobic, try finding an apartment in New Rochelle. You will be pleasantly surprised at all you can access from its ideal location.

Best Way to Move to NYC – Manhattan

The Big Apple City, a city of vast possibilities and diversity, New York City never stops intriguing those who want to visit it at least once in a lifetime. On the contrary, moving to the city is entirely a different ballpark – especially Manhattan.

It may intimidate you for a while but that’s okay! Know that you are moving to one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. Prior to your moving to Manhattan, you may look for Apartments for rent to narrow down your list.

It may sound little too much in the beginning, but once you move in, you’ll know there are plenty of other things to consume your mind.

Neighborhood populated with 8.5 million people.

Let’s face it, your biggest battle is not the rental cost but finding a place to live in the city populated with 8.5 million people. You may want to consider some broad themes at the outset;

“How well do I know the city?”

“Is my neighborhood the right choice?”

If you have affirmative answers to those questions, you must engage in on-the-ground research. A short-term rental may sound itchy in the beginning, but this can be your best shot. Stay there for a while until you find a preferred hideout.

It allows you to learn more about the place that you just couldn’t grasp enough through Google-ing. It can be anywhere around from distance-to-subway to the selection of your closest supermarket. Also, you’ll get to know how your neighborhood feels like at night.

You sure can learn a lot through online researching but you must not underestimate the significance of the offline intangibles. Once you are assured you’ve landed in your desired neighborhood, learn about the building before signing the lease.

You cannot get enough of New York City until you leave Manhattan.

So, now that you have found your most wanted hideout from the narrowed list of Manhattan apartments, it’s time to explore the other part of the city. More often than not, people associate the New York City with Manhattan only.

Nevertheless, the city has more to offer. Speaking of which, the neighboring boroughs include Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. It matters not, how many times people tell you that they’ve been to the city and explored every inch of it, but the city never stops amazes you.

Every day is a new experience and bustling life in the crowded city always carries on. Taxis are in general, little expensive but still are a good convenience for your office to apartment transportation.

Apartments are also expensive, but they are worth the price because of the modern amenities they contain. Subways, local supermarket, and public transportation are also normal conveniences. If you are looking for easy transportation to Manhattan with all the conveniences of a walkable city but much more affordable, try New Rochelle! The city of New Rochelle has several modern apartments located next to the metro north train station with a short 25-minute train ride to Manhattan.

Bottom Line.

The New York City is known to have the modern luxury that you crave for in a rental. Even though moving to the city may seem like moving a mountain, with time it gets easier. Hope this blog helped you in your hunt to find a good apartment in a desirable neighborhood.

Best Apartments for Rent in Larchmont

larchmont apartments for rent

With skyrocketing rentals these days, it is hard to find a suitable apartment. The Lombardi could be your best option if you are looking for the Larchmont apartments for rent in Westchester County. If budget is really your concern, they are capable of providing you an apartment that meets your budgetary limit.

The job gets tougher when you have a pet with you. Majority of the landlords do not allow pets in their apartment. And those who allow, have strict policies and take the hefty amount in the name of security deposit. Most of them do not even advertise if they’re pet-friendly because they are not convinced to take rent from you with pets.

On the other hand, The Lombardi have no problem in allowing your pet to stay with you. On top of that, they understand your pet is an indispensable part of your family and for that matter – they have a special section in their residential area.

Besides providing a pet-friendly apartment in Queens NY, they would love to put a picture of your dear pet in their Pets Corner Gallery. You can simply email the pictures of your adorable pet and they will add it in their pet gallery. They emphasize you to mention the name of your pet and the breed along with a cute information.

Larchmont is a beautiful place away from the crowd of Time Square. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, Larchmont is the best place, if you truly are looking for a place, away from a crowded and bustling life of the New York City. provides you with all sorts of information with regards to rental and floor type.

Besides, if you want to go a little generous with your rental, they have all the luxurious amenities that a top quality apartment has. Talk about their Community Amenities, they have huge entrance lobby with old world craftsmanship featured within. In simple words – it’s a true luxury experience that you truly admire.

When you contact them for Larchmont apartments for rent, they show you all the top-class apartment amenities such as, large gourmet kitchen with countertops made of granite and appliances composed of stainless steel.

Talk about bathrooms, they have customized handcrafted tiles and chic fixtures. The two-bedroom units feature two baths. One consists of soaking tub and the other has a huge walk-in shower. With washer and dryer unit, you will have a complete peace of mind in those apartments.

Apart from that, their apartments have extremely cost-effective LED lightings that save tons of your money you would spend on the electricity bills. Since you want to move in with your darling pet, they have Dog Park in their community, where you can go on a walk with your four-legged family without any hassle.

The Lombardi is another name for luxury and they thrive for making their services worth every single penny you spent. Their apartments are the true value for your money and a cozy-stay for your family.

The Lombardi Wine Tasting Series

Lombardi Residents Enjoying Wine & New Friends

The Lombardi New Rochelle Apartments hosted the first in a series of wine tasting events in New Rochelle’s newest luxury apartment residence.  The event was held on Saturday evening May 6th from 6 PM to 9 PM.

As you can see, the event was well received by The Lombardi apartment residents and a great way to return home after a busy day of running around with the family or to kick off your Saturday night on the town.  Hosted by New Rochelle’s own Wine Guru, Michael Grossberg of The Grape Exchange, the event was called “A Piece of The Puzzle”.

Michael presented residents with 14 wine varieties with a discussion about the development and history of each vineyard and producer.  Of course, a wine tasting event would not be the same without a full array of artisanal cheeses and fruit platters to compliment the wide variety of wines presented.  The event is the first in a series taking residents around the country and globe exploring wines and spirits.  As an added benefit, all residents of The Lombardi receive a 20% discount off any case of wine plus free delivery to their apartment.  The next event will include varietals from previously undiscovered regions and assist the tenants in developing their personal palette.  We look forward to designing our next series of events and making The Lombardi apartments that special place our residents look forward to calling home.

Tips for New Residents

Tips for new residents in Lombardi

Welcome! We are so glad to have you at our community. Let us know if you have any questions or if there are any ways we can serve you. Please remember to break down your moving boxes when you dispose of them so there’s enough room for everyone’s trash. Welcome to our community!